As the property market in Australia continues to perform well, agencies need to put themselves in the best position possible to obtain more vendors and landlords to grow their businesses.

Ultimately, this means using your marketing tools to showcase your available properties, knowledge and expertise, as well as build trust with your customer as fast as possible.

With all the marketing options available, there are three really big musts that agencies need to get right in 2015 before doing any other marketing.

1. Your agency’s website

A real estate website is not like a normal business website – it needs to do so much more.

It needs these three things:

  • the right content – properties as well as information about you and your services
  • to be search-engine friendly – ie. have a regularly updated blog
  • to have a great user experience – it should be simple to navigate and easy to find your contact details or make an inquiry from any page. It should also provide options for those not ready to go ahead, such as join your newsletter, like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter

Your website is your online hub, which all advertising and online marketing needs to be directed to.

2. Email newsletter

Email marketing, including newsletters and single-message bulk emails, are proving to be better than ever for 2015.

Keeping regular contact with your customers and prospective customers can keep your agency fresh in their minds, as it is the perfect relationship-building tool.

You can fill the newsletter with your new-to-market properties, latest suburb property data, as well as updates on the local happenings in your area.

Sending the e-newsletter weekly or fortnightly is a great way to build trust, and the marketing statistics have shown that it’s the best and easiest way to convert new business.

3. Social media

We are social creatures and more active in social networks that ever before. Having social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube is not just a platform for you to talk about your agents and agency. It is also a place where you can listen to the needs of your customers and answer any questions that they have.

Social media marketing is no longer free, with channels like Facebook now making you pay for your updates to be seen by your followers or ‘likers’. Just because you now have to pay does not mean that it cannot bring your agency great results.

Focus on engagement and sharing photos and updates your best customers would like. Ask questions. And always be integrating your social media with your other marketing efforts – on your website and in your e-newsletter.

If you can ensure you have an effective website, a regular e-newsletter and properly managed social media channels, you will have the ideal foundation for building lead-generation online marketing.

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