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My name is Fiona McEachran and I am a Marketing Manager.

I am also a Hubspot Certified Content Strategist, Social Media Campaign Coordinator and Freelance Writer.  I’m passionate about working with marketing agencies and service-based businesses, helping them write amazing content for their blogs, web pages, and more.

I implement marketing strategies across web, advertising, content, brand and social media.  I am analytical and data-driven to continually push optimisation.

I lead successful campaigns encompassing planning, website development, event management, email marketing, SEO, SEM, direct mail and more.

I was also the Editor of the Expert Agent Community Newsletter and a Speaker on branding and social media marketing.

My marketing efforts have kept me busy:

  • My writings have been featured on REB online, Elite Property Manager Magazine. I was also the Guest Editor for the Marketing Edition.
  • I was a speaker at the REinnovate Conference
  • I was featured as an expert in a News.com.au article.

In my spare time I wrote a book on Personal Branding called Web Branding Coach – because the right branding makes good marketing great.

On weekends I’m a Property Investor, Travel Blogger and Coffee Snob.

Featured On:

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