Aligning Calls-to-Action to your Buyer’s Journey

As LinkedIn grows in popularity and becomes more like Facebook, it is easier to spot the obvious outreach attempts of sales people. I recently received a connection request from a marketer that said, to paraphrase: “Hi, I’m a marketer, you’re a marketer, would you like to sign up for a free trial of my app.”

I immediately recoiled and deleted the request. I thought for a moment about calls-to-action in the buyer’s journey, and when is the right time to send out each call to increase the likelihood of conversion. read more

10 Steps to Developing a Communications Plan

A Communications Plan is a document that details what you are trying to achieve, who to target with your communications, when you will reach out to them, what message you will aim to get across and how you are going to distribute that message.

Effective communication, the giving and receiving of information, is the most vital thing that must take place in all businesses.  It is also common for communication to be done badly, resulting in confusion between colleagues, staff and customers and in the media. read more

8 Tracking Tools For Your Social Media Stats

Social Media is a leading tactic in most Marketing Plans for engaging your target market in every stage in the sales and marketing funnel.

Gone are the days when Social Media was just “playing online”.  Many key platforms have become serious online marketing tools, which have proven to deliver an amazing return on investment.

There are various software tools and websites that have proven themselves over the years to help businesses and marketing professionals track and monitor their social media progress. read more