Easy Small Business Marketing Planning Part 1

PART 1 – Getting a handle on the necessary-for-successs Marketing Plan

Every small business who is responsible for generating income must consider the marketing side of their business – ie. how they will find customers.

A lot of people go into business from being employed, where they excelled in their profession, but they may not have been responsible for gaining new clients.  So to suddenly be faced with the prospect of mapping this out and doing a “Marketing Plan”.  It can feel a little scary. read more

Using Twitter for better Social Media Networking

Everyone knows that Twitter is a social media phenomenon that has changed the face of Internet marketing.

Just in case you haven’t heard, or been living on another planet, Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time where you can broadcast only 140 characters at a time.

When I first heard about Twitter over a year ago, I thought a few things:

  • Will it take a lot of non-profitable and valuable time to “tweet” so often?
  • Who has the time to “follow” and read the ramblings of so many tweeters?
  • How could this be profitable for users?
  • Do I really want to tell people (including my competitors) what I’m up to every day?

But I did know straight away, that this had huge potential to be a social phenomenon.  Ok, so some people don’t want to know that you are about to feed your cat or walk your dog, but I could see some potential for professionals and businesses: read more

How to Suck at Marketing

Marketing is tricky, and everywhere you look, people are giving advice on how to do it right.  Well, I’m a little tired of looking at marketing like that.  I cannot help myself, but recently over coffee with friends we were chatting about the marketing faux-pas.  We laughed and discussed what NOT to do, and I couldn’t help but think – what a great discussion to share.  So here it is, my top 10 ways to suck at marketing.

1. No Planning or Strategy

Whatever you do, don’t write down how you intend to market your business, product or services.  Don’t even talk about it.  If you write down in detail exactly what marketing you want to implement for your business, you have a much higher possibility of achieving it, and this won’t help you suck at marketing. read more

Top 5 Myths about Marketing

Marketing is more important than ever, especially since the global economic crisis.  No country in the world has escaped the effects.  However certain myths about marketing get in the way, and it’s time to dispel these:

Myth 1 – Marketing is advertising

If you ask a business about their marketing, they usually reply – “Sure, we have advertising”.  The most common myth in the market place, is that marketing is just advertising, but what a lot of small businesses don’t realise, is how multi-faceted marketing REALLY is.  It is almost an art form.  Advertising should be a part of your Marketing Plan, but not the only section. read more