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Marketing Job Hunting – Lessons and Experiences

New Job AheadThere are certain types of businesses I know I am supposed to work with.  We share similar passions and values, but we also have much to teach each other.  We both believe we are on this planet to make a difference, and invest in what is good and right.

Over the past few weeks, I've learned a lot about myself and what's important to me in my career.  And here are some of my thoughts...

Content Marketing

12 Webinar Platforms To Share What You Know

webinar learningWebinars, when done correctly, can form an amazing part of your online marketing plan and strategy.  Webinars can really showcase your expertise and skill in a way that no other method currently can. 

If you are considering using webinars as a tool to provide education as well as inadvertently promote yourself and/ or your business online, there are many services available.  In this post, we will check out 12.