Video Marketing: 5 Types of Videos to Engage Your Customers

The opportunities for businesses to incorporate video marketing in their overall strategy keep growing and growing.

But how do you know what kind of videos to make?

There are several options you may want to consider.

1. Talk to Camera

These are the warmest and most genuine types of videos your business can use.  They can give a real “human” quality to a normally cold website page.  You can introduce yourself, introduce your business, explain how to do something in your industry, or even just vlog or video blog.  This means sharing your thoughts and feedback on a particular topic. read more

The Importance of Having a Great Email Signature

Email Marketing is such an important part of Online Marketing, especially for medium sized businesses who realise its importance and invest their time and money trying to do it right.

Normally when businesses think of Email Marketing, they are thinking of list building, email newsletters designed and delivered, and tracking openings and clicks, but not a lot of time is spent thinking about the most basic element of email marketing – the email signature used by you and your staff.

Whether you’re sending a few emails a day or a few hundred, you need to take advantage of this opportunity and invest in a great email signature. read more

4 Infographics Tools To Present Your Data

Sometimes a plain graph, or a bunch of numbers doesn’t cut it.  If you are really trying to make a point with your data, an infographic can be a great visual representation to engage your readers or viewers and get them to take notice of what you are trying to say.

Of course, some of these look REALLY complex, so I thought it best to offer up some suggestions of websites that can help.

If you really are keen to learn more about Infographics, there is a great post at Spyre Studios called The Anatomy of an Infographic: 5 Steps to Create a Powerful Visual. read more

12 Webinar Platforms To Share What You Know

Webinars, when done correctly, can form an amazing part of your content marketing plan.  Webinars can really showcase your expertise and skill in a way that no other method currently can.

If you are considering using webinars as a tool to provide education as well as inadvertently promote yourself and/ or your business online, there are many services available.  In this post, we will check out 12.

But firstly…

What is a Webinar?

According to Wikipedia, a webinar is short for web-based seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web. read more

Top 8 Video Hosting Sites for Business

Updated: February 2017

Video is booming. It’s proving to be an excellent online marketing avenue for businesses. More and more people are buying online, or finding businesses to buy from online. Video is one of the fastest ways to build trust, as text and images can only do so much.

Video can show your professional personality, and your business experience and expertise a lot faster and clearer than just displaying text and photos.

When your business is looking to host your videos, the size of the space required can really add up, so just hosting them on your normal business website hosting may not be enough. read more