Market Your Way to Growth Book

Market Your Way To Growth: A Book Review

These are troubling times for many businesses. The world is changing faster than we could have ever expected.

Businesses that have been around for decades are sadly slipping into administration, unprepared and blind-sided by changing customer purchase habits and global competition.

So it seems that the Kotler boys latest book is appearing at exactly the right time…

Market Your Way To Growth: 8 Ways To Win

If you are in business you will know that if you are not growing, you are dying.  You need to understand the best strategies available to take your business through the current economic bumpy waters.  And if you are not updating your skills, and re-evaluating your current marketing methods, you could quickly lose touch with your customers, and revenue can slide. read more

Are You Using Emotions In Your Marketing Messages?

We are emotional beings.  It has been proven that we rarely purchase any product or service on logic.

We decide how we feel about the decision to purchase, or the item or service itself, and then we justify the decision with logic.  So it would make sense for any business marketing a product or service, to strongly consider exactly which emotion is being targeted in your potential customers.

These can be called Emotional Triggers, as when you tap into the right one, and demonstrate which emotion your products or services align with, it can make creating that call-to-action, and ultimately that sale, a lot easier. read more

Defining Your Business Vision And Mission Statements

Your business vision and mission is paramount to the future growth and success of your business – no matter the size.

The vision and mission not only guides the course of the business and its employees, it also is paramount in marketing your brand to your customers.  It can even describe why you are different to your competitors.

So it’s important you understand exactly how to write your Vision and Mission Statements, and what the differences between them really are.

Your Vision

Your Vision Statement is what you want your business to become. read more