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Market Your Way to Growth Book
Marketing Strategy

Market Your Way To Growth: A Book Review

Market Your Way To GrowthThese are troubling times for many businesses. The world is changing faster than we could have ever expected.

Businesses that have been around for decades are sadly slipping into administration, unprepared and blind-sided by changing customer purchase habits and global competition.

Marketing Strategy

Are You Using Emotions In Your Marketing Messages?

Emotional Triggers MarketingWe are emotional beings.  It has been proven that we rarely purchase any product or service on logic.  We decide how we feel about the decision to purchase, or the item or service itself, and then we justify the decision with logic.  So it would make sense for any business marketing a product or service, to strongly consider exactly which emotion is being targeted in your potential customers.

Marketing Strategy

Defining Your Business Vision And Mission Statements

Vision and Mission StatementYour business vision and mission is paramount to the future growth and success of your business - no matter the size.  The vision and mission not only guides the course of the business and its employees, it also is paramount in marketing your brand to your customers.  And assisting to describe why you are different to your competitors.

Marketing Strategy

Understanding Sociographics in Market Research

sociographicsIf you want to truly connect with your target market, any marketer will tell you, about the importance of defining your target market profile.  This means establishing exactly who your directing your products and services at.  These are the people who desperately want and need what you've got!

Marketing Strategy

Start With Why

Start With Why Simon SinekA Book Review -

I knew of Simon Sinek before I read the book. Through social media I found a link to a great video on TED (see below). The video was very inspiring, and I knew a book was on the way, so once I saw it on the shelves I was keen to read it.

The subline of the book is "How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action". And he sticks to this point throughout the book.