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Top 4 Ways To Generate Leads For Your Business

Lead GenerationThe core of any business, is generating leads, which hopefully then will convert to paying customers.  To generate leads, you really just need to get the features and benefits of your products or services in front of your target market in the best possible light.


8 Top Tools For Online Mind Mapping

mind mappingIdeas can become gold, especially if you write them down.  And most ideas flow in a process, and previously you needed either a big piece of paper, or a white board in your office to create a cohesive idea flow.  But like most things in our working lives, technology creates opportunities.  And the same is definitely true with mind mapping.


8 Cool Free SEO Website Analytics Tools

Search Engine Optimisation is as popular as ever.  Just having a website doesn’t mean your potential customers will find you in the ocean of millions of websites online.  You need to have your website optimised.  And there are a great range of free tools to check and monitor your website to see how well it’s doing.

SEO isn’t about how pretty your website is, it’s about how good it looks to the search engines like Google.  A lot of elements make up a truly optimised website.  And if you spend some time on these free tools, you will get a feel for what the search engines are looking for – and what can help you reach the first page. read more

Marketing, Marketing Strategy

What is Marketing?

I thought this might be a question that is a little too obvious to ask, but since I am in the marketing business, I thought it best to define the definition that I use.  Even though marketing has been around for 100 years, and become very mainstream over the past 10 years, there is still a lot of misconception about the true meaning.

Some businesses still say – “Of course I do marketing”, and when you ask them exactly what they do, they say that they advertise their product/ service…  Well this concept of marketing is exactly why businesses can fail in this area. read more