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Digital Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy, Real Estate Marketing

Defining Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy – every real estate agency needs one – but before you jump into it, as a Principal, you need to make some big decisions that will guide the scope of your strategy.

Digital marketing can provide amazing results if done correctly.  And like any initiative your agency undertakes, the amount of effort put it can really affect the results.

Here are some important questions you need to answer first:

Where does your digital marketing strategy fit in relation to your total marketing strategy? read more

Periscope Marketing
Real Estate Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Can Periscope Drive New Leads For Agents?

If your agency is already using social media to market your brand and your services, you may not feel excited about the prospect of having to use another platform.  You may have already looked at Vine, and be posting videos on your website, YouTube channel and Facebook page, so you may wonder if you really need another video social network.

New apps and technologies are coming out all the time, but here is one that maybe your agency should be looking at.

Introducing Periscope

Periscope is a live video streaming app, which can be used on iPhone and Android smartphone devices, which allows the users to broadcast a video of what they are doing “live”. read more

EPM Panel Jun2015
Real Estate Marketing

Video Panel: Challenges in Property Management

Property Managers, do you find yourself in a constant dilemma with the ever changing rules, legislation, tribunal challenges, customer service expectations, return on investment, operational issues plus much more?

Recently I hosted a panel of 5 leading professionals in conjunction with Elite Property Manager to answer some of the issues you are faced with on a daily basis and how to deal with them effectively.

Videoed in the Console Brisbane office, the featured panelists were:

Fiona McEachran: How has the landscape of PM changed in recent times? read more

Can Split Testing Bring Your Agency Better Results
Real Estate Marketing

Can Split-Testing Bring Your Agency Better Results?

How a real estate agency carries out their marketing tactics in Australia has changed permanently.  Gone are the days of simply dropping flyers, and posting big advertisements in the local newspaper.  It is a new landscape with many opportunities, both traditional and digital.

But how do you know which tactics are working?  Which marketing activities are giving you the best return-on-investment?  Well, the only way to find out is to test them…

What is Split-Testing?

Simply, split-testing (also known as AB Testing) is the process by where you decide which marketing tactic you will try, and then you choose two different ways to drive this tactic to the result you want. read more

Get your Property Managers involved in Social Media
Real Estate Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Get Your Property Managers Involved in Social Media

If you want social media marketing to work for your agency and showcase what makes you the best choice for landlords in your suburb, then you need to tap into one of your agency’s best resources – your property managers.

Here are three great ideas that will give your agency amazing content for social media channels:

1. Keep a list of landlord FAQs

Property managers hear all the questions from landlords and existing and prospective clients. There are usually some questions that get asked over and over. For example: How often is the rent transferred to my bank account? How much notice do I have to give my tenants? What can I do if the tenant consistently pays late? Which are the best types of tenants? read more