8 Tracking Tools For Your Social Media Stats

Social Media is a leading tactic in most Marketing Plans for engaging your target market in every stage in the sales and marketing funnel.

Gone are the days when Social Media was just “playing online”.  Many key platforms have become serious online marketing tools, which have proven to deliver an amazing return on investment.

There are various software tools and websites that have proven themselves over the years to help businesses and marketing professionals track and monitor their social media progress. read more

Social Media Marketing World

How To Be Authentic In Social Media

Hint: Your online should match your offline (thanks for that one Erika)

This year, I returned to the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego, and I learned a whole lot more than I bargained for.

Did the presentations and sessions blow me away?

Mostly no, but thank you Tim Washer and John Jantsch for being awesome and making my time in your sessions well spent.

Despite a lot of the sessions being duds, everything else around the sessions did teach me so much more.  So I will share with you the 2 biggest lessons I learned: read more


My Visit To Social Media Marketing World 2014

I’ve been a fan of using social media to boost business results for about 7 years now – wow that looks like a long time – so when the opportunity arose for me to fly for a whole day to get to San Diego to mingle with those “in the know” I jumped at the chance.

I learned about the event through following Social Media Examiner (my new Mashable), and the speaker list featured 2014’s best and brightest in the field.

My reason for attending was not really the content, as you can kinda find that content online.  I was just keen to meet other social marketing strategists and corporate marketers that I could learn from and even help.  It was also cool to meet a few of the influencers and party on the USS Midway 😉 read more

Best Brands Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool

Instagram is proving to be an incredible marketing tool for businesses, entrepreneurs and celebrities alike.  What started as an iPhone app, has since been launched as an Android app, and the popularity keeps growing.

But what makes Instagram different to other photo sharing social networks or normal social networks like Twitter?

I believe those using Instagram effectively are really opening themselves up to it, and they are willing to sharing personal and intimate moments that others won’t.   read more