Twitter has been around since 2006, and has grown into a great social media tool for businesses. The 140 character-sharing platform is currently utilised by over 2.8 million Australians.

Real estate agents and property managers in Australia have been taking advantage, and although many see the ‘media’ function of this marketing channel, many still do not understand the ‘social’ side.

Many agents just tweet their latest sales or rental listings, but Twitter can be so much more. Here are some suggestions for how you can make Twitter work more effectively for your agency.

1. Sharing updates about you and your business

Yes, any followers you attract on Twitter may be interested in your new listings and recent properties sold and rented, but they may also be interested in the personal and human side of your agency.

You can share updates on the happenings in your office – new staff, birthdays, Christmas parties, awards your agency receives and other fun updates. Include photos, and if your staff are on Twitter, tag their username in the post or photo.

2. Follow local businesses in your area

This is a great way to build your local reputation. Following other businesses or your local council can help you stay on top of what is happening in your local area. You can then re-tweet any updates you think your followers would like. You can also use these updates to find out more for your agency newsletter.

You may also find following financial institutions like banks or mortgage brokers helpful too, since sellers and landlords could find their tweets helpful.

3. Listen and talk to your sellers, buyers and landlords

There is a good chance customers from your target market are on Twitter, and you may need a bit of time and research to find out what questions they are asking and what they are talking about.

You can search hashtags (#) or keywords related to your local area, to see who comes up. And if someone is asking a question about your local area, just jump in and help them. There is no room here to promote yourself, so just let your Twitter bio provide that information.

And if someone talks to you on Twitter using your @username, don’t try and get their details. Just reply in the same manner using their @username, and when they are ready to reach out for more information, they can contact you through your profile details.

4. Tweet about local news and property data

Sellers, buyers and landlords all want an agent who knows their stuff. They want an agent who understands where the market is heading, and who is on top of what is going on in their area – infrastructure developments including shopping centres and transport improvements.

Twitter is a great channel to share this knowledge. You can even write an update as a blog on your agency website, and then share the link in a tweet on Twitter.

Overall, Twitter can be an excellent social media marketing channel if used correctly. Like all social media, it’s about having a conversation, being helpful and sharing great content. It’s not about screaming – “look at my listing! look at my listing!”

It’s about building great long-term relationships with your customers, and showing them that you are the expert who can help them, no matter which step they are at in their property journey.

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