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Digital Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy, Real Estate Marketing

Defining Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy – every real estate agency needs one – but before you jump into it, as a Principal, you need to make some big decisions that will guide the scope of your strategy.

Digital marketing can provide amazing results if done correctly.  And like any initiative your agency undertakes, the amount of effort put it can really affect the results.

Here are some important questions you need to answer first:

Where does your digital marketing strategy fit in relation to your total marketing strategy? read more

Periscope Marketing
Real Estate Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Can Periscope Drive New Leads For Agents?

If your agency is already using social media to market your brand and your services, you may not feel excited about the prospect of having to use another platform.  You may have already looked at Vine, and be posting videos on your website, YouTube channel and Facebook page, so you may wonder if you really need another video social network.

New apps and technologies are coming out all the time, but here is one that maybe your agency should be looking at.

Introducing Periscope

Periscope is a live video streaming app, which can be used on iPhone and Android smartphone devices, which allows the users to broadcast a video of what they are doing “live”. read more

How Agents Can Be Authenic in Social Media
Marketing Strategy, Real Estate Marketing

How Agents Can Be Authentic In Social Media

Social media is here to stay. Now more than ever, real estate agents need to be using it correctly to grow their following, gain trust and loyalty, and grow their business.

When researching which agent to go with, prospects today use social media to help assess which agents they can trust to sell their house or manage their investment property.

So it is in an agent’s best interest to have an outstanding and impressive social presence that will ultimately work in building this trust and loyalty.

According to an authentic brands study in 2014, Cohn Wolfe determined that “63 per cent of global consumers would buy from a company they consider to be authentic, over and above competitors”. This indicates that improving authenticity in social media could have a significant impact on your engagement and ultimately lead generation. read more

Social Media Branding
Real Estate Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Principals: Get Your Social Media Branding Right

Your brand is so much bigger than your agency’s colours and logo. It is expressed at every touch point made by a staff member on the social media channels.

When your property manager comments on a blog – that’s your brand.

When your sales consultant tweets on Twitter – that’s your brand.

When your administrator shares a post on Facebook – that’s your brand.

When you understand all the parts that influence your brand, you can create a framework for it to grow.

Your brand can have power read more

3 Marketing Musts for Real Estate Agencies in 2015
Real Estate Marketing

3 Marketing Musts for Real Estate Agencies in 2015

As the property market in Australia continues to perform well, agencies need to put themselves in the best position possible to obtain more vendors and landlords to grow their businesses.

Ultimately, this means using your marketing tools to showcase your available properties, knowledge and expertise, as well as build trust with your customer as fast as possible.

With all the marketing options available, there are three really big musts that agencies need to get right in 2015 before doing any other marketing. read more