Video Content

Videos can form a great part of your content marketing. I had the opportunity to create some great pieces of video content at Console.

Videos can also be multi-purposed into other content, such as blogs, images, grams and more…

The Challenge of Property Management

Purpose: We filmed a series of 3 videos interviewing key clients. The purpose was to show the industry we were listening to our clients, and also showcase our client’s high level of knowledge in the industry.

Property Management Experts Discuss Marketing

Purpose: The purpose of this video was to interview agents who had leading ideas when it came to marketing.  I selected a range of clients and non-clients, to show ALL agents that our software business was keen for them to succeed.

Property Manager: A Day In The Life

Purpose: I love “A day in the life” series and they are always popular in the industry.  This video was to highlight a leader in the industry, who was our client, and show subtly how our software made their day easier.

A Matter Of Trust

Purpose: To delve into an important issue with our clients – Trust Accounting – with an expert in the industry, and client.

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