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Best Brands Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool

Instagram is proving to be an incredible marketing tool for businesses, entrepreneurs and celebrities alike.  What started as an iPhone app, has since been launched as an Android app, and the popularity keeps growing.

But what makes Instagram different to other photo sharing social networks or normal social networks like Twitter?

I believe those using Instagram effectively are really opening themselves up to it, and they are willing to sharing personal and intimate moments that others won’t.  

Customers and fans are sick of the gloss and shine that marketers add to celebrity personal brands and campaigns promoting popular companies products and services.

If you are thinking to use Instagram to promote your business, you need to be willing to go-the-extra-mile and offer behind-the-scenes snaps to encourage engagement and support.

So who is using Instagram to their distinct advantage?  Let’s take a look at a few below:











Tiffany and Co



The Iconic



Big Brands







Pepsi Max



Business Entrepreneurs

Richard Branson


Gary Vaynerchuk


Musicians/ Music Celebrities

Lady Gaga


Justin Bieber


Maroon 5


Are you using Instagram?  Please share your experience below.

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  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    And then there were none! NG made a hasty exit a couple of days back, you saw that? They changed their ToS and what’s that they about something hitting the fan? All hell kind of broke loose when they did that. Now they say it’s just the wording which caused the issue.

    • Fiona McEachran

      Hi Jignesh

      Yes, I know, but I knew it was only time before they changed their mind. And I saw on the New York Times blog that they have –

      “The outcry following Instagram’s Dec. 17 announcement of changes to its privacy policy led the company to reverse its decision”

      I don’t think companies really think these policy changes through…

  • Thibaut

    Yes, actually Instagram is becoming a very powerful network for brands to strengthen their community and gather new content generated by their fans. That’s why exists: to help businesses harness the power of their Instagram community. Nitrogram makes Instagram marketing easier by providing insights, photo galleries and a search option that even lets users search by location. You should try it out!

    • Fiona McEachran

      Hi Thibaut looks like an interesting tool. As long as Instagram behaves themselves and doesn’t scare away good business with dodgy policy, then this will be a possible consideration.