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    Market Your Way To Growth: A Book Review

    These are troubling times for many businesses. The world is changing faster than we could have ever expected. Businesses that have been around for decades are sadly slipping into administration, unprepared and blind-sided by changing customer purchase habits and global competition. So it seems that the Kotler boys latest book is appearing at exactly the right time… Market Your Way To Growth: 8 Ways To Win If you are in business you will know that if you are not growing, you are dying.  You need to understand the best strategies available to take your business through the current economic bumpy waters.  And if you are not updating your skills, and…

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    Start With Why

    A Book Review I knew of Simon Sinek before I read the book.  Through social media I found a link to a great video on TED (see below).  The video was very inspiring, and I knew there was a related book, so once I saw it on the shelves I was keen to read it. The subline of the book is “How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”.  And he sticks to this point throughout the book. In a nutshell, the book focuses on a few companies we are very familiar with, that are the current movers and shakers in their business. read more